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To bring people in safe contact with the mystery and beauty of the Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands, share our knowledge of the Naples area by offering professional, reliable and honest services for the best price.

Hello, I am Laurie Denlea, a nature lover, an animal lover and I love adventure. My life has been filled with experiencing the beauty our earth has to offer. Since I was a small child growing up in Miami Florida, my parents had 5 girls and we couldn’t afford to go out much but, my mom did take us to the beach and parks a lot. I found a serene feeling whenever I was in Nature. Everything about it interested me. The trees, the clouds the animals, how the waves moved in the ocean. Nature became a mother to me in so many ways.

I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, my experiences with many different ways of traveling has given me a great appreciation for the travel business. I have traveled through most of Europe, New Zealand, Thailand, Israel, Central America and Canada; I have traveled with groups, couples, friends and many times solo.

I have taken tours, plan tours and have enjoy sharing my travel experiences with many people from around the world. I have travel across the United States several times and have enjoyed camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking, cave visiting, and scuba diving.

One of my biggest joys in life is to turn people on to the wonder of Nature, to share in their delight and amazement of it. For them to feel the energy and freedom from the wariness of the stress in our day-to-day lives .

In terms of my business background, I have owned and operated several businesses. I have been a hairstylist for 30 years, a preschool teacher for 6 years.

Gary Denlea , first fell in love with South Florida while watching his favorite T.V. program "Flipper", the dolphin show in the 60’s. His parents had a condo on Marco Island and they would come every spring break for a visit.

When he heard the Miami football team was called, the Dolphins, at the age of nine, he knew in his heart that Southwest Florida was the place he wanted to live. The sunny days and the swaying palm trees was a big attraction for Gary, but not as much as being close enough to go to the Dolphin football.

Gary has traveled in Europe and the United States and has enjoyed taking tours. His experience with tour companies and the travel business has taught him what is important in providing great customer service. He has also owned his own businesses in New York, the Midwest and Florida.

Together Laurie and Gary are delighted to be able to share Southwest Florida’s unique beauty with you.

Go Native Adventure Tours (239) 234-5850

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